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One Guild Member Working Group Formation

There are four affinity-based Member Working Groups under the Member - One Guild Committee structure.


The One Guild initiative was established in 2018 to address the specific needs of under-represented and under-served groups by strategically focusing on the Guild’s internal efforts and external collaborations to increase and foster: membership, Guild leadership, employment, and encourage authentic depictions.


Forming a One Guild Member Working Group 

  • Any member or group of members can request formation of a Member Working Group.
  • Member Working Groups may be affinity-based.
  • Applicants should articulate the following:
    • Proposed Member Working Group leads (Working Groups can have two to four leads. Staggered leadership. Group leads rotate every two years.)
    • Clearly defined goal and scope of activities
    • Clearly defined audience (e.g., all PGA members, specific cohort(s) of under-represented / under-served within PGA)
    • Application Review and Approval by the Member - One Guild Committee Chairs on a rolling basis. (Must have at least 10 members in group to move forward)


Member Working Group Expectations

  • Member Working Groups are responsive to member interests and needs. They are self-organizing.
  • Member Working Groups must commit to some level of engagement with its members through meetings, workshops, roundtables, etc.
  • Member Working Group leads work with the PGA office to facilitate scheduling meetings, info into newsletter, organizing events, etc.
  • A member may not simultaneously lead or chair two separate PGA Member Working Groups or Member Committees.
  • Working Groups are not permanent standing committees of the Guild, and therefore, do not have independent budgets.
  • They may request budget from Member - One Guild Committee Chairs as needs arise in order to ensure opportunistic access to all equally. With the exception of budgets, Member Working Group leads must follow the same basic guidelines as Member Committee chairs as set forth in the policy manual.

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