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20 Companies Board The Producers Guild Health Insurance Initiative Joining Blumhouse, Legendary, MACRO and Berlanti Productions To Fund Health Insurance For Producers


LOS ANGELES, CA — Today, the Producers Guild of America (PGA) announced 20 additional companies joining the landmark initiative supporting health insurance benefits for qualified producers working full-time in the film and television industry. These companies including Amblin Entertainment, Atlas Entertainment, Bad Robot Productions, Closer Media, Confluential Films, De Line Pictures, Di Novi Pictures, Fremantle, Gran Via Productions, Groundswell Pictures, Homegrown Pictures, Illumination, The Jackal Group, Laurence Mark Productions, LuckyChap, Pascal Pictures, Red Wagon Entertainment, Revelations Entertainment, Rolling Pictures and Secret Hideout are the second of continuous rounds of companies joining the movement.

At the annual PGA Awards in February, the Producers Guild unveiled this initiative along with initial support from Blumhouse, Legendary, MACRO, and Berlanti Productions. These companies committed to including a line item in their production budgets to support producers' health insurance by funding MPI Health insurance for eligible producers, providing health insurance through a third party plan or for full-time producers who are ineligible for MPI, a company plan or other union insurance, a direct contribution, enabling them to buy health insurance on the open market. Through these contributions, recipients are already receiving the benefits.

“As one of the first recipients of the PGA Health Care Initiative, I am incredibly grateful for the comprehensive health coverage it provides, ensuring that I can focus on my logistical and creative work without the burden of health-related worries,” said Mylan Dockery, production supervisor on Blumhouse’s The Woman in the Yard and one of the first recipients to access the safety net payment through Blumhouse for a feature, “It is amazing. This initiative truly exemplifies the PGA's commitment to supporting and uplifting all producers.”

“We received an overwhelming and supportive response to the Producers Guild Healthcare Initiative with a growing number of companies committing their pledge to support health insurance benefits for producers,” said Producers Guild of America Presidents, Stephanie Allain and Donald De Line, “We would like to acknowledge these 20 companies whose participation makes this essential benefit a reality. This is just the beginning as we continue to gather support from across the industry.”