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PGA Calls for Industry to Transition to Clean Energy

Welcome New Members

We are thrilled that you have joined our Producers Guild community! Below are some orientation items that might be useful to you as a new member to help get you acclimated.

Connecting with Other PGA Members

Attend a New Member Orientation Event. New member events are held monthly on zoom. It’s an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and meet fellow new members, as well as hear from some members of PGA’s leadership. An invitation will be sent to you directly within the first two months of your membership. If you don't receive it or have questions, you can reach out to

Connecting with Members on Slack

The most immediate way for members to seek advice, look for resources or find a potential collaborator is through PGA’s Slack Workspace. There are a variety of different channels to join including: #virtual-production, #find-a-collaborator, #post-production, #jobs, #doc-forum, and many more.

  • To join the PGA’s Slack, sign up here. Simply click on the “+” sign next to “Channels” to join any of the additional discussion forums.
  • Join a Member Committee or Working Group. There are more than a dozen committees and working groups which any member can join. From affinity-based groups such as the Asian American Pacific Islander Working Group to professional development groups such as the Employment Committee, joining a member-led group is a great way to become involved at the PGA. The full list can be found here. Each group determines its own cadence for meetings. 

To join a member Committee or Working Group, sign up here. (You must be logged into your account to access My Committees.)

Most Committee meetings are held virtually, as we are not presently hosting events or meetings in the LA or NY PGA offices. 

Make yourself discoverable in the Member Directory

As a member of the PGA, your name will be automatically added to the Member Directory, which is accessible to all PGA members. If you want to display certain information in the Member Directory such as your email address, company name, or bio, you will want to update this on your member profile here. Make sure to select the “Opt-In” check box in order to make your selected information visible in the Member Directory. 

You will notice many items can be updated under the “Edit My Profile” tab on the left-hand side. We encourage you to take a moment to complete your Member Profile. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “Save” before exiting the page!

Attend a PGA Event or Meeting

We host hundreds of events each year, so there is always an opportunity to join us for a PGA screening, educational webinar, or perhaps a networking mixer. Be sure to check our weekly newsletter – sent on Thursdays – for all upcoming event announcements. In addition to events and meeting notifications, the weekly newsletter will contain important reminders and information for members. These are sent from, and we recommend whitelisting this contact so that these important communications don’t get caught in your spam folder. 

Whether an event is open to the industry at large or private for PGA members only, we frequently include event promotions on our social media channels. We encourage you to follow us so you never miss a post or press release!

While many of our events are recorded and can be found publicly on our YouTube channel, you can also always check out previous member-only event recordings by accessing our Member Exclusives Vimeo channel: // Password: PGA2021

Looking for a Mentor?

The Guild is piloting a new type of One-on-One Mentoring program in which mentors offer a single 45-minute virtual coffee on a specific pre-selected topic or theme. These opportunities are genre-focused and span various career levels so that any member – no matter how established in their career – can always make a meaningful connection. These 45-minute virtual coffees can focus on strategic career advice or may be focused on career transitions. These opportunities are announced in the weekly newsletter about twice a year.

Mentoring Roundtables are 90-minute sessions offered at least once a month. These roundtables are intimate for a group of approximately 20 members and are also listed in the weekly newsletter for sign up. Due to high demand, registration is lottery based.

Your Membership

Go Paperless!

Sustainability is always a top priority for the PGA. If you’d prefer to also opt-out of the print copy Produced By Magazine mailing, you can do so by visiting My Communication Preferences. The digital issue of the magazine is sent to members by email or download only select highlighted articles here.

Set up auto-renew

Never worry about missing a screener or screening invitation by ensuring that your membership is on ‘auto-renew.’ These preferences are under the My Memberships tab, as well as on the main landing page. Payment info can be updated under the My Payment Methods tab.

Your PGA Membership card

The PGA has discontinued production of physical membership cards while we search for a more environmentally-friendly alternative. In the meantime, a digital version of your card is accessible via download at any time on your member portal, and can be used for entry to screenings and events. For assistance accessing this, you can email


Guild Initiatives and Resources

Greening your productions

In October 2021, the PGA called on industry studio, streaming and production partners to innovate, invest in, and scale up clean power solutions towards the goal of reducing emissions by 50% by 2030. The full Call to Action, including other solutions and information, can be found here

The PGA’s Green Production Guide online toolkit features a worldwide database of vendors that provide sustainable goods and services for film, television, and streaming production.

Independent productions

The PGA’s Independent Production Safety Initiative offers free on-set training and legal services for safe, harassment-free indie productions. We have created this no cost program and resource library to help address some of the roadblocks an independent production could have.

Please also be sure to check out our COVID resources and 2021 Safety Protocols for independent productions.


Hire PGA

Looking for work?

“Hire PGA” is the Guild’s proactive effort to place employers and their job listings directly in front of members. Beginning October 27, 2022, the Guild established a new process for PGA members to receive job listings via the Hire PGA initiative. All members must now opt-in to receive job listings. This new opt-in process is required even if you have previously received listings.

  • Ensure that you are logged into your account.  If you aren't logged in, you can do so at
  • Go to the Member Login drop-down menu in the upper right and select “Communication Preferences” from the menu
  • Select Receive "Hire PGA" Job Listings (Under "Participate in Hire PGA" select “Receive Hire PGA Job Listings”)
  • Hit Save
  • Once you have successfully opted-in, you will automatically receive an email with four mandatory questions related to your work experience. Please keep in mind that you will not receive listings until you have submitted the questionnaire.

Questions? Please reach out to

Looking to hire another producer?

If you’re crewing up or looking to hire, we’re happy to help! Visit to get started. Hire PGA Job Bulletins are sent within 24 hours of receipt to members meeting your specific qualifications.

Hire PGA was originally launched at the onset of the pandemic in collaboration with the Employment Committee. It is managed and run by PGA staff.



Receiving screeners for releases under awards consideration is one of the most popular benefits of PGA membership. Screeners are sent to PGA members at the discretion of distributors, from third-party mailings houses (not the PGA office). You can select your preferred screener format based on the following six options: 

  • Digital only (the most environmentally-friendly!)
  • Digital and physical, Blu-ray preferred
  • Digital and physical, DVD preferred
  • Physical only, Blu-ray preferred
  • Physical only, DVD preferred
  • No screeners

To update your screener format preference, visit My Communication Preferences. (You must be logged into your account to access My Communications Preferences.)

Oftentimes, digital screeners and screening invites sent via email from the studios’ mailing houses will land in spam, so we encourage you to check all junk folders frequently. To make sure your email will accept digital screeners and screening invites throughout awards season, we encourage you to "allowlist" (also known as whitelisting or safe sender listing) the following domains: 


If you’ve opted-in to receiving physical screeners, you will want to update your “Screener Address” field on your Member Profile. Please note, this address may be different from your Mailing Address or Billing Address. Your Screener Address should be a physical location where someone can sign for the receipt of the package.

To update your screener address, visit My Communication Preferences. (You must be logged into your account to access My Communications Preferences.)

Recycle your screeners! Some discs may be watermarked to you. We recommend that you make the disc unreadable before recycling by taking a pair of scissors and cutting the disc in one location from the outside to the center hole. We encourage you to recycle your screeners through some of these suggested vendors.

Questions or need assistance with any of the above? Find the best contact for your questions.


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