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The following is information to help you get acclimated. You may need to be logged into your account to access member-only pages.


  • Attend a New Member Welcome Event. Welcome events are held quarterly on Zoom. They are an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and meet other new members, as well as hear from some members of PGA’s leadership. An invitation will be sent to you directly within the first few months of your membership. If you don't receive it or have questions, you can reach out to
  • Join PGA’s Slack. Sign up here. Simply click on the “+” sign next to “Channels” to join any of the additional discussion forums. The most immediate way for members to seek advice, look for resources or find a potential collaborator is through PGA’s Slack Workspace. There are a variety of different channels to join including: #ask-a-line-producer, #vfx, #archival-producing, #jobs, and many more.
  • Join a Member Committee or Working Group. There are more than a dozen committees and working groups which any member can join. Current committees include: Animation, Documentary & Non-Fiction, Employment, Events, International, Physical Production, Post Production and Production Innovation. The current working groups include Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI), LGBTQ+, Producers of Color, and Women’s Impact Network (WIN). Each group determines its own cadence for meetings. Group meetings are held virtually and in-person. These groups are also on our Slack. Learn more about the groups and who is leading them or simply sign up here.
  • RSVP for Upcoming Events. We host hundreds of events each year, so there is always an opportunity to join us for a PGA screening, educational webinar, or perhaps a networking mixer. All of them appear in the weekly PGA newsletter – sent on Thursdays from We recommend whitelisting this contact so that these important communications don’t get caught in your spam folder.

Hire PGA - A Concierge Service for Employers

Do you hire producers and producing teams?

  • Use Hire PGA to crew up your productions and fill full-time and temporary positions. We have a simple offer for members and any employers looking to hire the vast range of producing roles on a production - from coordinators to supervisory roles spanning film, television and emerging media.
  • Hire PGA Job Bulletins are sent within 24 hours of receipt to members meeting your specific qualifications. We can collect resumes for you or direct applicants to you.
  • Submit your request at

Are you a member looking for work?

Here are a few tips to optimize your ability to receive relevant listings.

  • Opt-in to receive Hire PGA job listings by updating your communication preferences here.
  • Once you opt-in, you will automatically receive a questionnaire with 4 questions. If you’ve already answered the questions, there’s no need to do anything more.
  • Note: You will only receive job listings if your responses match those criteria being requested by employers. PGA staff will not curate or otherwise manipulate the list for sending job listings.

PGA Mentors

Looking for a Mentor?

  • One-on-One Mentoring is a program offered twice a year. Mentors offer a single 60-minute virtual coffee intended to focus on strategic career advice or may be focused on career transitions. These opportunities are announced in the weekly newsletter twice a year.
  • Mentoring Roundtables are 90-minute sessions offered throughout the year. These roundtables are intimate for a group of approximately 20 members and are also listed in the weekly newsletter for sign up. Due to high demand, registration is lottery based.

Interested in Mentoring?

Free Training + Legal Services for
Safe Independent Productions

The PGA’s Independent Production Safety Initiative (IPSI) offers free on-set training and legal services for safe, harassment-free indie productions. Exclusively for independent productions, you can:

  • Apply for free on-set training, legal services and more for your specific indie production.
  • Anyone can download our sample resources, including a code of conduct and a producer’s checklist for a Safe, Harassment-Free Workplace, and more.

Sustainability + Greening Your Productions

  • The Green Production Guide (GPG) is the premier industry online toolkit designed to reduce the film, television, and streaming industry’s carbon footprint and environmental impact. The GPG was established in 2010 in a joint effort between the PGA and a major studio partner group now known as the Sustainable Production Alliance (SPA).
  • As a member, you will receive screeners for releases under awards consideration. In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, all screeners are digital only. Visit for more details.

Member Discounts

From discounts from long-standing partners such as Delta to platforms such as IMDbPro, we’re always looking for your membership to save you money. If you’re interested in discounts and don’t see them on the list, please feel free to recommend them to us at

  • For discounts on services -
  • For discounts on events -
  • Your Digital Membership Card. If you no longer have the email from Cuseum (sent from instructing you on how to add your membership card to your digital wallet, please email and we will send you a new link with instructions. You may also download a .pdf version of your membership card any time via the member portal. As a reminder, membership cards are required for all in-person screenings. During awards season, members can also access certain films at AMC with a membership card. To ensure that your local AMC theater participates in this, members should call in advance to ask.


Receiving screeners for releases under awards consideration is one of the most popular benefits of PGA membership. For the 2023-24 awards season, all screeners are digital only.

You may access screeners in two ways:

1) Directly on Producers Guild Screeners (PGA’s dedicated platform hosted by Indee)

2) Directly on an individual studio’s own FYC site housing several of their titles. Need more help? Please visit for all up-to-date information on screeners and the current awards season, including ensuring that your links to digital screeners (and in person screenings) aren’t getting caught in your spam filters.

Auto-Renew Your Membership

Set up auto-renew. Never worry about missing a screener or screening invitation by ensuring that your membership is on ‘auto-renew.’ These preferences are under the My Memberships tab, as well as on the main landing page. Payment info can be updated under the My Payment Methods tab.

Follow Us on Social

Whether an event is open to the industry at large or private for PGA members only, we frequently include event promotions on our social media channels. We encourage you to follow us so you never miss a post or press release!

While many of our events are recorded and can be found publicly on our YouTube channel, you can also always check out previous member-only event recordings by accessing our Member Exclusives Vimeo channel: (password: PGA2023)


Questions or need assistance with any of the above? Find the best contact for your questions.

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