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Everything Members Need to Know About Screenings + Screeners

One of the most popular benefits of PGA membership is access to screenings and screeners throughout the year, particularly during awards season. The following will provide a comprehensive overview of what titles are available to screen and how to access them.

During the 2022-2023 awards season, there will often be several different ways to view a single title. The ways in which you can access a title may include some or all of the following:

1. PGA Official Screenings

• These are PGA-hosted events in Los Angeles & New York.
• Invitations are sent to PGA members via the weekly Thursday newsletter + dedicated e-blast.

2. Studio-hosted Screenings

• These are studio-hosted events in Los Angeles, New York, and other major cities.
• Invitations are sent to PGA members via e-blast from a mailing house.

3. Digital Screeners

• A personalized link & password to access an app for a smart TV or an FYC site.
• When a title becomes available, notifications are sent via e-blast from a mailing house.

4. Physical Screeners

• DVDs / BluRay discs sent from a mailing house.
• These are shipped to a member’s “Screener Address” on their member profile.
• If a member has opted for “Digital Only,” they will not receive the physical copy of the screener.

Confidential List of 2022-2023 Season Titles

CLICK HERE to view all titles available to PGA members
*Please note that this tracker is updated on a daily basis and is confidential for PGA member access only. Please do not share this information or link.

Download the “Producers Guild Screeners” App

This fall, we launched a dedicated screener platform for all members hosted by Indee. Physical screeners for film and television will be eliminated by 2024, as part of the Guild’s call last year for the industry to reduce its carbon footprint.

Step 1: Download our app.

Members can download the “Producers Guild Screeners” app across the following major platforms:
Amazon Fire 

During the 2022-2023 awards season, titles will be available on “Producers Guild Screeners” in the following awards categories:
• Theatrical Motion Pictures
• Documentary Motion Pictures
• Animated Motion Pictures
• Televised and Streamed Motion Pictures

Members may also access “Producers Guild Screeners” on a laptop via their web browser at  The aforementioned apps are not available on iPhones and smaller mobile devices, to encourage members to view movies on larger screens as intended by the filmmakers.

Please note that this year, your screeners will NOT exclusively be hosted on the “Producers Guild Screeners” platform. The tracker linked above will serve as a reference guide for where to find each title.

Step 2: Locate your pin.

Members will receive an email communication from Indee with their pin to access our screening platform. This pin will remain the same for the full awards season. Each time a new title is added to the platform, members receive a notification via e-blast from Indee.

For any questions/concerns regarding our screening platform or if you cannot find your pin, please contact: 

Technical Support: For any queries or assistance, please reach out to You can also reach out via live chat on the web platform.


This fall, we launched a dedicated screener platform for all members hosted by Indee. Physical screeners for film and television will be eliminated by 2024, as part of the Guild’s call last year for the industry to reduce its carbon footprint.

Can I use my PGA membership card for free admission to watch a film at a regular movie theater?

The PGA has discontinued production of physical membership cards and stickers. Our membership card for your digital wallet will be rolled out in early 2023. In the meantime, a digital version of your card is accessible at any time via the member portal, and can be used for entry to screenings and events.  

Your PGA membership card can be used during awards season at major movie theaters like AMC. We recommend calling the theater in advance to confirm that they accept Guild membership cards for admission.

Your PGA membership card will provide free admission to screenings at: 

  • Bay Theater: 1035 N Swarthmore Ave, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 
  • Paris Theater: 4 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019

Can I still find screenings to attend if I don't live in Los Angeles or New York?

While we don’t have any official PGA events outside of LA or NY, studio screenings typically take place throughout the country in major cities. These regional invitations are sent to all members from the studios’ mailing houses. You can also try contacting your local movie theater, as referenced directly above.

How can I opt for digital screeners only? I don’t want to miss out on something if the digital version is not available. If I switch my preferences, will I miss any screeners that are sent?

To update your screener format preference, visit My Communication Preferences. (You must be logged into your account to access My Communications Preferences.)

There is a title that I want to watch, but I don’t see it on the “Producers Guild Screener” platform.

This year, not all screeners will be available exclusively on our screening platform. Please reference the tracker to locate the external hosting platform.

There are some screeners included on the tracker that I have not received. Can I please have those re-sent to me?

If you are not receiving screeners – digital or physical – please contact and identify exactly which titles you are missing. Since screeners are sent from the studios’ mailing houses, we are not able to promise any re-sends. We will do our best to identify the issue so that you won’t miss any screeners going forward.

Oftentimes, digital screeners and screening invites sent via email from the studios’ mailing houses will land in spam, so we encourage you to check all junk folders frequently. To make sure your email will accept digital screeners and screening invites throughout awards season, we encourage you to “allowlist” (also known as whitelisting or safe sender listing) the following domains:

  • –
  • –
  • –
  • –
  • –
  • –

How can I recycle my physical DVD and Blu-Ray screeners?

Some discs may be watermarked to you. We recommend that you make the disc unreadable before recycling by taking a pair of scissors and cutting the disc in one location from the outside to the center hole.

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