The Organization

Celebrating and uplifting the full Producing Team

Gabrela Rodriguez, right, speaks as Jason Blum listens at the 'Producing Masterclass: The Creative Collaborations' panel during the 2018 Producers Guild of America's Produced By: New York conference at One Time Warner Center on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018, in New York (Photo by Scott Roth/Invision for Producer's Guild of America Foundation/AP Images)

More about us

The Producers Guild of America is a non-profit trade organization that represents, protects and promotes the interests of all members of the producing team in film, television and new media.

The Guild invests in its core values that benefit the industry at large. These values are rooted in facilitating employment of its members, advocating for sustainable practices in production that minimize human and environmental harm, ensuring a set culture that advances safety and creates viable pathways into the guild for the next generation of producers, particularly those from populations under-represented in the industry. Year-round it hosts a number of educational, mentoring and professional networking programs.

The Membership

PGA has 8000+ members spanning the full Producing Team in Scripted, Non-Fiction, Documentary, Animation, and New Media sectors.

Board Officers
Gail Berman

Lucy Fisher

Jon Kilik

Vice President, Motion Pictures
Lauren Shuler Donner

Vice President, Motion Pictures
Mike Farah

Vice President, Television
Gene Stein

Vice President, Television
Jenni Ogden

Vice President, New Media Council
Melissa Friedman

Vice President, AP Council
Donna Gigliotti

Vice President, PGA East
Megan Mascena Gaspar

Mark Gordon

Recording Secretary
Hawk Koch

Recording Secretary
Gary Lucchesi

President Emeritus
Lori McCreary

President Emeritus

National Board of Directors
Stephanie Allain Bray
Michael Ambers
James P. Axiotis
Nina Yang Bongiovi
Yolanda T. Cochran
Donald De Line
Gary Goetzman
Charles P. Howard
Iris Ichishita
Paulette Lifton
Dan Lin
James Lopez
Ravi Nandan
Betsy Ockerlund Nolte
Bruna Papandrea
Charles Roven
Peter Saraf
Jillian Stein
Christina Lee Storm
Mimi Valdés
Angela Victor
Ian Wagner
Lorin Williams
Magdalena Wolf

Katy Jones Garrity

PGA Capital
Richard Quan

PGA Northwest
John Walker

PGA Northwest


Regions, Councils, Chapters

Producers Guild of America East Region

Producers Guild of America Northwest Region

Producers Guild of America Capital Region

Producers Council Board of Delegates

AP Council Board of Delegates

New Media Council Board of Delegates

Producers Guild of America, Atlanta Chapter

Honorary Board Members

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Susan Sprung

National Executive Director/COO
Vance Van Petten

National Executive Director/COO
Michelle Byrd

Associate National Executive Director
Susie Casero

General Counsel
Arielle Conwell

Executive Assistant

Bryce Averitt

Director of Membership
Kyle Katz

Director of Member Services
Diana White

Manager, Member Services and Events

Arbitrations and PGA Awards
Mike Yarbro

Corporate Counsel & Director of Arbitrations

Jin Kim

Arbitrations Paralegal

Kylan Tyng

Arbitrations Coordinator

Information Services and Operations
Geena Hoffner

Director of Information Services
Jo-Ann West

Director of Operations
Conor Hammonds

Manager, Operations & Member Services