Producers Guild

PGA Calls for Industry to Transition to Clean Energy

Task Forces

Task Forces are Guild groups that are created and dissolved at the discretion of the Board or the President(s) for the specific purpose or targeted goal. Task Force membership is offered by invitation only.

Bylaws Task Force
Chairs: Tim Gibbons, Kay Rothman

Healthcare Task Force
Chair: Harvey Wilson

Independent Film Producers Task Force
Chairs: Alix Madigan, Andrew Spaulding

Membership Task Force

Producers Mark Task Force
Chairs: Stephanie Allain, Donald De Line

Producer Participation Task Force

Production Safety Task Force
Chair: Jen Haire

Sustainability Task Force
Chairs: Lydia Dean Pilcher, Mari Jo Winkler

One Guild Task Force
Chairs: Tonya Lewis Lee, Lori McCreary, Shelby Stone