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Set Etiquette Training provides eligible independent productions with access to free harassment prevention training, and two-hours of free legal consultation related to the training. The trainings are designed with the purpose of establishing a culture on set such that harassment and other abusive conduct are prevented from occurring.

Trainings are:

  • led by an experienced attorney.
  • tailored to each production’s needs.
  • conducted during pre-production for the full production team, cast and crew.
  • approximately one hour in length.

Trainings are interactive and unique to help foster a culture of respect on your set.

Please note: Set Etiquette Trainings do not satisfy any legal obligations the production company may have to conduct anti-harassment training.



  • A Code of Conduct agreement to be shared out with crew and cast prior to the training.
  • Set Responder Guidelines to formally designate two (2) Set Responders and clarify their role and responsibilities for the duration of the shoot.
  • An Incident Log for Set Responders in the event an incident needs to be reported.
  • A Guide for Independent Production Companies to help you maintain a safe set.
  • Harassment prevention training that is specific to your production by an expert attorney. The training will include time for questions and interactive discussion.
  • Upon the completion of your production’s training, the production is able to access up to two-hours of free legal consultation related to the training. The production may use this time to discuss any issues or concerns related to harassment that arise during the course of production. If the production’s legal needs exceed two hours, the attorney will advise the production of rates for continued engagement.



Set Etiquette Training is available to any independent production, irrespective of membership status with the Producers Guild.

In order to be eligible, the project must:

  • be an independent production (For the purposes of this training, an independent production is any production that is not directly produced or financed by one of the large studios or streamers. Typically, an independent production does not have a dedicated Human Resources department. Please review the FAQ to learn more.)
  • have at least 20 cast and crew members,
  • be a U.S.-based production,
  • schedule the training to be conducted during pre-production, and
  • distribute a code of conduct and agree to abide by other program guidelines.



  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • We prefer that you submit your application four to six weeks in advance of the intended training date.



  • Set Etiquette Training Contract
    • A Set Etiquette Training Contract will be sent to all eligible productions. The contract will need to be signed by an authorized representative of the production company before the training can be scheduled. 
  • Onboarding Paperwork and Initial Intake Call
    • You will receive access to Onboarding Paperwork that includes: the Guide for Independent Production Companies, one sheet on What is Harassment, Code of Conduct and the Set Responder Guidelines and Incident Log.
    • The Producers Guild will schedule an initial intake call with you to review the information provided in your application (e.g., confirm training date and that appropriate Set Responders have been identified), ensure a basic understanding of the Set Etiquette Training, and collect any outstanding information (e.g., identifying the appropriate individual(s) to participate in the Set Etiquette Prep call and with whom to coordinate the training).
  • Set Etiquette Training Prep Call
    • The assigned attorney will conduct a training prep call with you to discuss how to appropriately tailor the Set Etiquette Training to the needs of your production. This typically includes:
      • a review of the Onboarding Paperwork,
      • specific training requests for the set (e.g., scenarios that include filming intimate scenes, minors, stunts), and
      • coordination of logistical requirements for the training (e.g. share screen access, projector, microphone).

Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before submitting your application.



Set Etiquette Training services are funded through the Producers Guild of America’s Independent Production Safety Initiative (IPSI).

For questions not in the FAQ, contact