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Committees and One Guild Working Groups

PGA has more than a dozen Committees and One Guild Working Groups which any member of the Guild can freely join at any time. In order to join a Committee or One Guild Working Group or to access a Committee Chair or Working Group Lead's contact information via the Member Directory, PGA members must be logged in.


Animation and VFX Committee 

The goal of the Committee is to broaden the animation and visual effects presence in the PGA, with an eye towards inclusivity for women, BIPOC and the LQBTQ+ community, and educating members of the Guild on the opportunities in the animation and visual effects industries.

Committee Chairs: Jinko Gotoh, Philipp Wolf


Documentary & Non-Fiction Committee

Supports and promotes documentary and non-fiction storytelling across all media. The Committee hosts seminars, workshops and screenings throughout the year and provides a forum for members to discuss the ever changing television and digital landscape.

Committee Chairs: Bronwyn Berry, Kathryn Riccio, James Tumminia, Ellyn Vander Wyden


Education Committee

Dedicated to providing the membership with the tools needed to advance Guild members’ careers. The Committee hosts educational seminars, workshops, demonstrations and masterclasses throughout the year.

Committee Chairs: Carrie Dole, Kerri Sheehan, Karen Somers


Employment Committee

Helping members develop the skills and relationships they need to attain the jobs they desire. The Committee produces seminars, workshops and networking events throughout the year, and hosts an annual Job Forum to connect PGA members with potential employers.

Committee Chairs: Eric Edmonds, Mike Gange, Jaimee Kosanke, Chris Pack


Events Committee

Produces various events and parties throughout the year to foster both networking and recruitment such as Happy Hour mixers, Holiday parties, and Awards viewing-parties. 

Committee Chairs: Susannah D'Arcy, Todd Grodnick


International Committee

Dedicated to the advancement of global collaborations among professionals in film, television and multimedia. Producers play a critical and central role bringing together cultures, languages and experiences to create content consumed around the world. The Committee’s goal is to connect and curate resources around the globe to support membership, share information, and advocate for producers.

Committee Chairs: Elizabeth Dell, Kayvan Mashayekh


Mentoring Committee

Dedicated to helping members advance their careers through professional mentoring. The Committee runs the year-round mentoring initiatives and programs including the Mentoring Roundtable Series, the Film Basecamp Program, the TV Basecamp Program, the Mentoring Shadow Program, and One-on-One Mentoring. 

Committee Chairs: Michael Hammeke, Joelle Luman


One Guild Committee 

Established in 2018 to address the specific needs of under-represented and under-served groups by strategically focusing on the Guild’s internal efforts and external collaborations to increase and foster: membership, Guild leadership, employment, and encourage authentic depictions.

Committee Chairs: Tonya Lewis Lee, Lori McCreary


There are five Working Groups under the One Guild Committee structure.

  • One Guild - Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Working Group
    Increasing access, visibility, and participation of its AAPI members by aligning with the One Guild’s initiative of increasing and fostering membership through encouraging proper representation and access to opportunities within the Producers Guild and industry at large.

    Working Group Leads: Alan Chu, Quentin Lee, Sibyl Santiago, Jonathan Wang

  • One Guild - Emerging Producer Pipeline Working Group
    Focusing on emerging producers through producing panels such as Producers on Producing and serving as mentors to PGA’s College Ambassador program. 

    Working Group Leads: Alicia Agramonte, Lorin Williams
  • One Guild - LGBQTIA+ Working Group
    The LGBQTIA+ Working Group is a community that provides a safe space for conversation and exchange of ideas for LGBTQIA+ producers and their allies. Working together, our goal is to create opportunities for positive representation of the LGBTQIA+ community, both in front of and behind the camera, and to establish a support network for LGBTQTIA+ members within the PGA.

    Working Group Leads: Brendan Mason and Meredith McKay

  • One Guild - Producers of Color Working Group
    Increasing our membership’s access to network, studios, streamers, cable platforms, agents, lawyers and managers.

    Working Group Leads: Mauricio Mota, Shelby Stone, Julius Tennon

  • One Guild - Women’s Impact Network (WIN) Working Group
    Supporting and celebrating all women - BIPOC, LGBTQ/T. This network is focussed specifically toward benefiting our membership by sharing information, providing opportunities and forums, fostering unstructured mentoring and discussing issues specific to women producers in the workplace.

    Working Group Leads: Linda Evans, Julie Goldstein, Cas Sigers-Beedles

Any PGA member can request to start a One Guild Working Group. One Guild Working Group Formation Guidelines (Note: PGA members will need to be logged in to access.)


PGA Green Committee

Established in 2008 as part of the Producers Guild of America’s commitment to actively encourage and support sustainability in the entertainment industry.

Committee Chairs: Stephanie Dawson, Kati Johnston, Jon Kondrath, Lesley Lopez