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Policy Related to Crowdfunding



Financing independent projects is an extremely arduous endeavor. The Producers Guild is supportive of the independent producing community and the appropriate use of public crowdfunding platforms.

However, the Producers Guild stands firmly against the offering of any “producer” credit in any form or the use of the word “producer” as part of any benefit or perk for campaign backers on public crowdfunding websites.

A project supported by the sale or offering of any “producer” credit as a benefit or perk for campaign backers on public crowdfunding websites will not be recognized by the Producers Guild, regardless of an individual’s involvement, or lack thereof, in the campaign. Specifically, the Producers Guild will not recognize such projects as a basis to qualify for membership or leadership in the Guild, nor will such projects be evaluated for use of the Producers Mark (“p.g.a. ”) or awards eligibility.

What Does It Mean To Be a Producer?

The Producers Guild strives to define and protect the integrity of the “producer” credit in our industry. While the definition of “producer” can mean different things depending on the type of media and the production responsibilities unique to each project, it is always a job that connotes a particular expertise and skill set. It is not an honorary title to be given out as a benefit or a perk during any part of the production process, but instead is a recognition of the craft and talent that producers bring to content creation.

Defining who a producer is benefits you, our producing community, and the industry as a whole. We appreciate your support in helping the Producers Guild uphold the integrity of the producing credit.


March 8, 2024