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Membership Requirements and the Application Process

Thank you for your interest in joining the Producers Guild of America.  The information presented here details the criteria used by the Guild when considering an applicant’s recent body of work for membership qualification.   This section provides general guidance about the vetting process.  General eligibility requirements are:

  • Receive an eligible producing team credit, and perform the underlying work as determined by the PGA, on eligible media formats and productions.
  • Credits can only come from productions released within the last five (5) years at the time of application submission.  For feature films the eligibility window is seven (7) years.
  • Productions submitted must satisfy or exceed distribution benchmarks

In addition to considering whether an applicant has met the guidelines below, the Guild also may consider other information regarding the applicant's conduct and/or professional experience, including whether such conduct and experience are consistent with the purpose, mission, values and policies of the Guild. While the information below should serve as a useful guide for eligibility, the Guild may interpret these membership requirements as it deems fit, and may accept or deny an applicant for any reason in its sole discretion.



The following positions are recognized as part of the producing team and are eligible for membership:


Production Coordinator

Post Production Manager

Executive Producer

Supervising Field Producer

Post Production Coordinator


Segment/Field Producer

VFX Producer

Co-Executive Producer

Supervising Story Producer

VFX Co-Producer

Line Producer

Senior Story Producer

VFX Production Supervisor

Supervising Producer

Story Producer

VFX Coordinator

Associate Producer

Post Production Producer

VFX Coordinator

Production Supervisor/Manager

Post Production Supervisor

Animation Producer

If you have a title that is not listed here email to confirm eligibility.



The following formats and production types are eligible for membership.

Motion Picture Formats

Feature film

Feature film- Documentary

Short film

Feature film- Animated

Television Formats

Episodic Series- Comedy



Episodic Series- Comedy (multi-cam)

Game Show

Sports Magazine

Episodic Series- Drama

Non-Fiction- Documentary

Talk Shows

Long form- Limited-Series

Non-Fiction- Reality

Live Audience- Stand-up Com

Long form- Major Special


Live Audience- Variety Series


News Magazine

Live Audience- Variety Special



Other Formats

Short form- Narrative

Livestream event

Digital Animation

Short form- Animated


Interactive TV

Short form- Documentary

Video Games

Special Venue

Short form- Branded Content



Short form- Series

Digital VFX


Productions and formats ineligible for consideration


Movie Trailers


Unsold Pilots

Corporate Videos

Music Production

Previews & Ad Films

Student Films


Music Videos




Non-Domestic TV


Virtual Talk (e.g. Zoom)



Standalone Pilots




Individuals with eligible producing team credits must be from productions released within the last five (5) years at the time of applying to be eligible.  For feature films, the eligibility window is within the last seven (7) years.

If you are submitting with Film credits

  • Feature Films (Narrative or Documentary) - No less than two (2) feature films; or 
  • Short Films (40 min or less, including credits) - No less than five (5) short films

If you are submitting with TV credits

  • Long-form Television - No less than two (2) long-form television programs (TV movie, limited series, major specials); or
  •  Episodic Television - No less than thirteen (13) episodes of "episodic" television programs (scripted series, or major non-fiction/doc/reality shows); or
  • Non-Episodic Television - No less than one hundred (100) episodes of "non-episodic" television programs (i.e. talk, infotainment, game, news magazine, clip shows, countdown shows, etc.)

If you are submitting with Livestream credits

  • No less than two (2) singular/live-streaming events, with a running time of at least three (3) hours each

If you are submitting with Short-Form Content credits

(Note: Short form content is not the same as short films) 

  • No less than seventy-five (75) short form, broadband episodes, with an individual running time of at least thirty (30) seconds and no greater than nineteen (19) minutes each; or
  • No less than three (3) hours of broadband content, consisting of at least two (2) unique programs with a running time of at least thirty (30) seconds each; or 
  • *No less than five (5) broadband projects

*Used for considering emerging formats that did not exist at the time criteria was drafted (e.g. XR)

If you are submitting with credits in: Digital Animation, Digital VFX, DVD/Blue-Ray, Interactive TV, Mobile, Special Venue, Transmedia or Video Games:

  • No less than two (2) projects



For a Feature Film to qualify:

  • Exclusive Theatrical U.S. Run in a minimum of two (2) cities, one of which must have a population of over one (1) million. Theatrical runs must be at least one week to qualify; or
  • Distribution via VOD (Video on Demand) platform carried by a major cable/satellite television provider; or
  • Wide commercial Blu-ray release; or
  • Streamed online through a major subscription-based or ad-supported digital streaming platform - or - 
  • Screen as an official selection. For a complete list of qualifying platforms and festivals:

Direct-to-consumer, transactional video-on-demand, or non-curated distribution platforms are not considered qualifying forms of distribution.  Films distributed on combination direct-to-consumer/curated platforms, such as Amazon or Google Play must be evidenced as part of their curated subscription platform.

For a Short Film to qualify:

For any Television Program to qualify:

  • Aired or transmitted broadly in the U.S. domestic territory; or
  • Aired or transmitted in a local market on a major channel with 1 million + viewers as verified by a reputable measurement index, such as Nielsen Media Research; or
  • Streamed through a major streaming service with at least 1 million + paid subscribers

 For a Livestream Event to qualify:

  • Publicly available via online distribution through major video sharing websites and/or curated broadband channels

For Short Form Content to qualify:

  • Publicly available via online distribution through major video sharing websites and/or curated broadband channels; or
  • Broadly distributed via the broadband extension of a major media network

Digital Short Form and Livestream are grouped in what the PGA labels Broadband.  The Broadband category is defined as professional, digitally distributed, story-driven, video content.  Content submitted for consideration: 

  • Must have been widely distributed on (no previous broadcast or theatrical release) on internet enabled platforms not considered to be traditional television;
  • Can be original material, adapted from source material, branded content, or branded entertainment (provided the content involves storytelling or has a narrative through-line and is not a long-form ad);
  • If using repurposed material, content must substantially forward the storytelling intent and include at least 50% new original material.



Producers under the following two criteria may also qualify for membership without supplying other information:

  • The Producers Mark (p.g.a)
    • Producers granted “the Mark” (p.g.a.) on two (2) or more feature films with qualifying distribution.
  • Awards
    • Producers nominated in select producing categories for the Oscars and the Producers Guild Awards, and apply within two (2) years of their nomination.  To confirm if your award nomination automatically qualifies you for membership email



Each project listed for consideration on the membership application must have a unique reference; totaling three (3) different references on the application. 

  • References must have direct knowledge of the applicant’s production experience and should have worked with or supervised the applicant, or have a significant professional relationship with them in the past.
  • References are not limited to peers within the producing profession. Applicants can use other "high level" personnel from the production (e.g. director, editor, etc.) to provide verification of work performed. Listing references that can comment on your experience and your production work significantly speeds up the application process.
  • Any individual serving in a representative capacity or is employed by the applicant, cannot serve as a reference (e.g. agent, manager, entertainment attorney, etc.)

REMINDER TO APPLICANTS: Ensure your references are aware they’ve been selected. Individuals who are unaware that they are references, more often than not, do not reply to inquiries from the PGA. This can either significantly delay the application process or lead to a denial of your application.



In addition to providing credits for consideration, applicants are required to upload and submit a bio and resume. With the exception of those working in new and emerging media, there is no specific format required but your bio and resume should be more than a simple printout from IMDb. These documents allow individuals to communicate any aspect about their work not covered in other areas of their application and will assist the Guild in arriving at a determination.

For applicants who exclusively or primarily work in new and emerging media, your resume must include a list of all released/launched projects and credits from the last five (5) years, with these categories of information:

  • Year of release/launch
  • Title of the project/production
  • Credit received
  • Format (e.g. XR/VR/AR, special venue, video game, digital short, etc)
  • Form of distribution/exhibition (e.g. platform, console, website, etc) *
  • # of episodes (if applicable)
  • Running time (if applicable) - Or cumulative running time of all episodes combined
  • URL (if available)

*How and where the audience views/consumes/experiences your work.



Upon receipt of all materials your application will be processed and your credits will be vetted by the PGA staff.  MEMBERSHIP DECISIONS ARE MADE IN THE GUILD'S SOLE DISCRETION AND ARE NOT AUTOMATIC. Our goal is to have a decision within 30-90 days.

  • Your submission is checked to make sure you've sent in all requested information in accordance with the application instructions. Applications must be accompanied by a bio & resume and payment for the application fee, initiation fee, and annual dues.  Applications missing any of these items are considered incomplete and will not be processed.
  • PGA Staff checks your credits against the membership requirements to ensure the minimum criteria has been met. Your role and responsibilities, job duties, and experience are evaluated and confirmed based on comments and feedback from inquiries sent to your references, along with information from other third-party sources. Additional information and documentation may be requested in order to demonstrate the applicant’s execution of functions and responsibilities of a Producer as defined by the PGA. Due to the evolving nature of media and content, the PGA has broad discretion when evaluating applicants for potential membership. Upon completion of your credits evaluation, you will receive an email from the Guild notifying you of our determination. 
  • If you're denied membership, you will be notified by the Director of Membership and all fees paid will be refunded (with the exception of the non-refundable application fee). If you are denied membership this does not restrict you from applying in the future. Should your credits or professional experience change, the PGA encourages you to reapply for membership.
  • If you’ve been approved, the first of three emails you'll receive is an official welcome from the PGA Presidents.  Two additional emails will follow from the Director of Membership with helpful information on how to jump start your involvement and an invitation to the quarterly New Member Orientation.  In addition, you will immediately start receiving a variety of PGA communications announcing upcoming PGA activities, events, and seminars, and granted full access to your PGA profile within our online Community Hub.



The total amount to join is $1050 which covers the following:

Application Fee


Initiation Fee
(one-time fee)


Annual Dues
(paid once a year for duration of membership)


Note: Should your membership be terminated in the future, the app fee, initiation fee, and annual dues will be paid again when reapplying for membership.

Any questions?  Send us an email at for further assistance.