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PGA Announces 10 New PGA Create Fellows for 2nd Year of Program


PGA Create is sponsored by Google


LOS ANGELES (October 12, 2022) – The Producers Guild of America (PGA) announced today the 10 producers and producing teams invited to join the PGA Create lab for emerging and mid-career creative producers. Now entering its second year, the program’s focus is on supporting producers from underrepresented backgrounds. PGA Create is sponsored by Google, the lead underwriter of the program.

PGA Create’s fall Scripted cycle will take place Monday, October 31 through Thursday, November 3 and will feature creative producers and teams in active development, financing or packaging of a feature or series. The lab offers fellows the opportunity to hone their project pitches, attend master classes with experienced producers and build their network of fellow producers.

PGA Create is designed to provide touch points over the span of one year, including an invitation for participants of its Scripted and Documentary cycles to re-convene during the PGA Create Forum, a day-long event held during the Guild’s signature Produced By Conference in June 2023.

"As Chairs of the One Guild initiative which supports inclusive membership, employment, content and authentic depictions, we are thrilled to continue championing PGA Create," said Producers Guild members Tonya Lewis Lee, Lori McCreary and Shelby Stone. "PGA Create ensures that the next generation of producers includes diverse creators and perspectives, an important goal for the Guild and Google has been a phenomenal partner in pursuing this through the program."

The partnership was brokered by UTA Entertainment & Culture Marketing, the brand consulting division of UTA, which represents Google.


Rui Xu, Producer, 72

It’s New York City, 1972, and Cuban refugee Gloria Cienfuegos’s life and New Year’s Eve party are upended when her 18-year-old daughter Viv reveals a deep secret, throwing the evening into an avalanche of emotion.

Nerissa Williams Scott, Producer, Dill

Amidst the turmoil of the American Revolution, a young & fiercely intelligent enslaved woman living in Massachusetts falls in love with a Harvard-educated minister and must fight for the right to live as she chooses. Inspired by true events.

Robbie Daw, Writer/Producer and Tyler Steele, Writer/Producer, Double Wide Dreams

Junior high prodigy Misty Rose and her fame-hungry brother Popcorn will do anything to get the f*** out of their trailer park, even if it means destroying their family on the trashiest reality show ever.

Maya S. Patel, Producer and Neeraj Jain, Producer/Cinematographer, Further to Fly

Nilofer finds herself stuck between two worlds – the world she came from in Iran, and the world she inhabits in New York. She imagines her neighbor upstairs as an angel, and their friendship helps her realize she is a woman who can have both – her dreams and her family.

Ali Salem, Producer and Ioana Uricaru, Producer, The Swim Lesson

Mara postponed her career to raise her daughters, allowing her husband to become a star college professor. After discovering he hid a sexual misconduct complaint from a student (their daughter’s swim instructor) Mara develops a secret friendship with his accuser.

Carolyn Mao, Producer and Allison Jordan, Producer, Time Away

Two estranged sisters, one a recovering heroin addict, hit the road to find their Korean birth mother following the death of their adoptive mother. Along the way they find old patterns are as hard to break as their bond.

Chad Shields, Producer, We Were Born Dead

Since 1953, more than 90,000 people have been forcibly disappeared across Colombia; more than any other country in South America. This is the story of two children trying to keep their family together amidst the raging conflict in Colombia.


Kathryn Lo, Writer/Producer, Our Dark Lady

Rosalind Franklin's work lies at the heart of DNA's double helix discovery, and no one knows it. After Nobel Prize Winner James Watson trashes her reputation on an international stage, a journalist sets out to prove he stole her data.

Linhan Zhang, Producer, The Black Lotus

When Tam Ling, a Cantonese girl, escapes from her brothel, she forges an improbable partnership with a mysterious Chinese gunslinger as they navigate through the ruthless 19th century Nevada frontier and attempt to rescue Tam Ling's trafficked sister.

Winnie Yuan Kemp, Producer/Co-Writer, The Dragon Lady

The Dragon Lady is the extraordinary true story of a former Chinese refugee named Anna Chennault, who single-handedly stole the presidency for Richard Nixon in 1968 - an incredibly close election that forever changed America with consequences that reverberate into today.

The 2022 Final Selection Panel included producers Lori McCreary (Madam Secretary), Mike Farah (CEO, Funny Or Die), Shelby Stone (ID8 Multimedia), and Pam Veasey (Long Slow Exhale).

Applications for the Documentary cycle of PGA Create sponsored by Google will open this winter. For more information, please visit:


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The Guild invests in its core values that benefit the industry at large. These values are rooted in facilitating employment of its members, advocating for sustainable practices in production that minimize human and environmental harm, ensuring a set culture that advances safety and creates viable pathways into the guild for the next generation of producers, particularly those from populations underrepresented in the industry. Year-round it hosts a number of educational, mentoring and professional networking programs, as well as industry events that honor excellence in producing.

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