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PGA Create 2024 Scripted Program – Producers and Producing Teams

The Producers Guild of America Announces Scripted Producers and Producing Teams for the 2024 PGA Create Program

PGA Create Lab to take place Monday, June 3–Thursday, June 6, 2024


LOS ANGELES — The Producers Guild of America (PGA) announced today the 10 producers and producing teams invited to join the PGA Create lab for emerging and mid-career creative producers. Now in its fourth year, the program is focused on supporting and uplifting producers from underrepresented backgrounds.

From Monday, June 3 through Thursday, June 6, PGA Create’s scripted cycle will feature creative producers and teams in active development, financing, or packaging of a feature or series. The lab offers fellows the opportunity to hone their pitches, attend master classes led by experienced producers, and expand their network of fellow producers. It is rooted in sharing the practical realities, challenges and opportunities facing producers today. Additionally, each project will receive a producing mentor following the completion of the lab.

A new addition to this year’s program will see PGA Create Fellows invited to a lunch and learn hosted by the independent media company AGBO at their downtown campus.

PGA Create is designed to provide touchpoints for one year, including an invitation for participants to reconvene in person during the Guild’s signature Produced By Conference, hosted this year at the Fox Studio Lot on Saturday, June 8, 2024.

"As Chairs of the One Guild initiative committed to supporting inclusive membership, employment, content, and authentic depictions, we are thrilled for this year’s PGA Create and the program’s continued evolution and growth over the years," said Producers Guild members Tonya Lewis Lee, Lori McCreary, and Shelby Stone. "Uplifting the next generation of producers by providing them the tools, resources, and connections they need for this profession is life-changing. We are proud of PGA Create for its intentional work to ensure the next generation of producers includes diverse creators with unique perspectives."


Laura Fries, producer, Body Shop
In an alternate reality where “body shops” replace hospitals, Lupe’s body suffers an accident forcing her into a loaner of a white Anglo woman. Desperate to expedite the repairs, Lupe ventures to a rumored black market to source skin that matches her true identity.

Andria Wilson Mirza, producer, Heirloom
When Zareen is denied her family's long-promised heirloom wedding jewelry for her impending marriage (to another woman), she enlists her chosen family of queer besties to plan an elaborate heist.

Evelyn Angelica Martinez, producer, Joyride
Teenage sisters are enlisted by their grandmother to break her out of her senior living facility for a joyride to the Grand Canyon. Their journey reveals some unfinished business while newly unearthed family secrets take things to telenovela proportions.

Valeria Contreras, producer, Not My Name
1996 – When a Colombian family must travel on a perilous rural road with fake identities, fear exposes their child to the reality of war.

Constanza Castro, producer & Doménica Castro, producer, Out to Get You
An ATV excursion morphs into a very bad trip for one hyper-paranoid American tourist as he flees deep into the Mexican jungle in an effort to save his group from the tour guide he's mistaken for a cartel kidnapper.

Phoebe Wong, producer, Paper Tigers
A timid Korean-American girl from an abusive home enters a cash prize poetry contesting hopes of reuniting with her estranged birth mother. After discovering inner strength through poetry, she is faced with a difficult decision that could save her life.

Mireia Vilanova, producer, Silence Sometimes
Silvia, a flower shop owner, leads a lonely life to protect people from her mysterious condition: Everything that she touches becomes unable to produce sound. But her world changes once she meets Marco, a talented musician.

Annam Rizwan, producer & Asad Farooqui, producer/writer/director, The Immigration Game
After his U.S. visa expires and he becomes undocumented, Majeed finds an illegal way to become legal again.


Andrew K. Li, producer, Blissful Acres
When a young orderly discovers a black market in the retirement community where he works and lives, he shifts from supporting seniors’ daily needs to facilitating their darkest urges. But paradise comes at a cost in Florida’s friendliest retirement community.

Becca E. Davis, producer/writer, Through Violet Eyes (based on the NY Times bestselling book of the same name)
To every generation are born a select few souls with violet-colored eyes -- and the ability to channel the dead. When Violets suddenly start turning up dead, an FBI Agent must team up with a Violet to stop the serial killer.

The 2024 Final Selection Panel included producers Shelby Stone (Executive Producer, The Chi; Executive Producer, Bessie), Whitney Hodack (Producer, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story; Executive Producer, After Midnight), and Leonardo Zimbrón (SVP International Coproduction & SP Features, 3Pas Studios).