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Produced By Magazine December/January 2024

Produced By Magazine December/January 2024 Cover featuring Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson
The Cover Story
  • A Force To Be Reckoned With: Nina Jacobson + Brad Simpson
    In 2007, Nina Jacobson took her career in a direction she deemed temporary, launching a company she called Color Force. Then Brad Simpson came on board as Jacobson's partner, and what was initially just a detour became one of Hollywood's most fruitful collaborations.
    Written by Lisa Y. Garibay / Photographed by Matthew Smith
Featured Articles
  • One on One: Open Line
    A close working relationship between post and line producers benefits the quality of the product — and its bottom line. So say Amanda Kay Price and Danielle Blumstein — two producers who have proven the value of open communication during every phase of production.
    With contributions by Whitney Friedlander
  • What a Legacy Looks Like: Debra Hill
    The PGA fellowship that honors the late producer Debra Hill inspires recipients to fashion careers in her spirit of giving back, of nurturing emerging talent, and her relentless commitment to diversity, sustainability and creativity.
    Written by Lisa Y. Garibay
  • Now Hear This
    It’s time to give deaf and hard-of-hearing creatives complete access to Hollywood. The deaf community has much to say about how that can happen.
    Written by Katie Grant
    Clarification: Alek Lev is a hearing person who is fluent in ASL and has worked in the Deaf community for years. His views are as a collaborator and an ally to that community.
    Natasha Ofili is not a voice actor. She is deaf and uses ASL to communicate with the crew and cast. On the set of Ryan Murphy’s
    The Politician, the DP found a lighting solution to cue Ofili for a scene in which she was walking in front of costar Ben Platt, unable to hear the "action" cue or Platt’s footsteps.
    Photos featuring Alek Lev and John Maucere were taken by Joyce Lee.
Brief Takes
  • Tool Kit: An Innovator's Quiver
    Victoria Bousis calls on analog, digital, and caffeinated tools to create in her VR/VX world.
    Written by Celine Yu
  • On the Mark: Judy Hofflund
    Judy Hofflund shares the details of her experiences making A Haunting in Venice which earned her the Producers Mark certification.
    Interview by Lisa Y. Garibay
  • On the Mark: Valerie Stadler
    Valerie Stadler shares the experience of making her latest film, which earned her the Producers Mark certification.
    Interview by Lisa Y. Garibay
  • In the Footsteps of Giants: An AI Odyssey
    Ivor Powell has been a pioneer in both depicting AI and utilizing it judiciously to create screen magic.
    Written by Lisa Y. Garibay

You can also download the entire issue, which includes a spotlight on new members Wendy Eley Jackson, Atkin Korkis, Dana Ware, Michael Indjeian, Kati Fernandez, Jonathan Halperyn, Brian Gonzalez, Garrett Beltis, and Leal Naim.