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Producers Guild International Committee

The Producers Guild has a private Linked In group for members of its International Committee to connect, share resources and otherwise network and amplify each other's work. Producers Guild members may sign up for the International Committee at any time. (Note: You will need to be logged into your account.)

After sending a request to join the group, you will be approved by an admin in under 12 hours. If you haven’t used LinkedIn groups before, here are a few tips:

  • Introduce yourself – Share who you are, why you’ve joined the group, and some details about your professional journey.
  • Weigh in with your insights – Catch up on the latest conversations in the group and jump in to share your insights, comments or suggestions.
  • Start a new conversation – Ask a question, share news or opportunities, and use the “@” to mention other members directly. Posts in the main group thread are only visible to those that are members of the group.
  • Manage notifications – Customize your settings to get alerts for all posts, some posts, or no new posts.