Producers Guild

PGA Calls for Industry to Transition to Clean Energy

Regions and Councils*

Eastern Region Steering Group

Chair: Donna Gigliotti

Vice Chairs: Candi Carter, David Hinojosa

Financial Officer: Anne Carey

Members at Large:

Julie Anderson

Elaine Frontain Bryant

Jen Flanz

Lisa Hsia

Anthony Katagas

Tonya Lewis Lee

Brooke Posch

Diane Moy Quon

Shrihari Sathe

Justin Wilkes

Chair Emeriti: William Horberg and Kay Rothman



In March 2023, the membership approved the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws for PGA Inc. with overwhelming support. With the transition, came a discontinuance of the council structure.


Producers Council Board of Delegates 

Co-Chairs: Stephanie Allain, Donald De Line

Vice Chairs: Lauren Shuler Donner, Mike Farah, Melvin Mar, Chuck Roven


Victoria Alonso

Fred Berger (Director)

Sara Bernstein

Nina Yang Bongiovi

Anne Carey

Samie Kim Falvey (Director)

Jen Fox (Director)

Beth Fraikorn (Director)

Jon Glickman

Gary Goetzman (Director)

Courtney Kemp

Tonya Lewis Lee

Dan Lin (Director)

James Lopez (Director)

Lori McCreary (Director)

John Melfi

Jonathan Murray (Director)

Ravi Nandan (Director)

Lauren Levy Neustadter

Bruna Papandrea

Marc Platt

Mark Roybal (Director)

Mimi Valdés (Director)

Pam Veasey


AP Council Board of Delegates

Chair: Lynn Hylden


Bianca Ahmadi (Director)

James P. Axiotis (Director)

J Baker

Robert Boles

Samantha Brooks

Melanie Cunningham (Director)

Joel M. Dobzewitz

Erica Fegely

Alicia Gobmasch

Becca Gross

Traci Carter Holsey

Hillary Corbin Huang (Director)

Megan Jordan

Paulette Lifton

Jacob Mullen (Director)

Jacob Okada

Stephanie Purcell

Ashlee Romain

Jillian Stein (Director)

Barbara Twist

Angela Victor (Director)

Lorin Williams (Director)

Shirley Williams


New Media Council Board of Delegates

Chair: Iris Ichishita

Vice Chair: Greg Katano

Vice Chair - Director: Lynn Kestin-Sessler


Stacey Adams

Gary Bryman

John Canning

Rebecca Donohue

Tim Durant

Dema Hanna

Benjamin Hoyt

Jessica Kantor

Rachel Klein

Tonya Leal Sotto

Brittany Machado

Kia Meredith-Caballero

Andy Merkin

Stormie Miller

Jake Sally

Aliza Sessler

Eric Shamlin

Christina Lee Storm (Director)

Zeke Thomas

Tiffany Webber