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Produced By Magazine March/April 2023

The Cover Story
  • Reality Without Manipulation
    With such shows as The Real World, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Surviving R. Kelly, and Born This Way, Jonathan Murray and Bunim/Murray Productions have played a key role in establishing the template for the reality revolution.
    Written by Whitney Friedlander / Photography by Kremer Johnson
Featured Articles
  • A Look At The Numbers
    A letter from the Producers Guild of America's Treasurer, Yolanda T. Cochran
  • Casting For Gems
    When it comes to recruiting the right actors for a feature, aesthetic considerations and commercial appeal shouldn’t be at war with each other.
    Interviews by Steve Chagollan
  • Chi Town On The Rise
    Ever more enticing tax credits, locations that range from gritty urban to timeless suburban, and an increasingly deep, trained workforce have spurred a production renaissance in Chicago and its environs.
    Written by David Heuring
  • No Substitutions
    For the makers of The Bear, there was never any question that Chicago would play itself. Practical locations were key, and the beauty is in the details.
    Written by Steve Chagollan
Brief Takes
  • Marking Time
    Producer Jeremy Latcham, who has earned the Producers Mark for his work on the film adaptation of the popular board game Dungeons & Dragons, talks about approximating its role-playing magic, and why he's as excited about this as anything he worked on in his 14 years at Marvel.
  • In the Footsteps of Giants: Anthony Bourdain's Lasting Legacy
    Remembering Bourdain's trendsetting footprint through his untamed yet delicate exploration of travel,  food, and culture as we approach the 10th anniversary of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.
    Written by Steve Chagollan

You can also download the entire issue, which includes a spotlight on new members Joel Newton, Karly Placek, Anthony Salamon, Laura Lewis, Andrew Singer, and Nicole Sylvester.