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Produced By Magazine March/April 2024

Produced By Magazine March/April 2024 Cover featuring 21 Laps: Dan Levine, Shawn Levy, and Dan Cohen
The Cover Story
Featured Articles
  • Anatomy of a Sustainable Production
    Clear discourse from the outset is critical, but only by translating discussions into direct positive action can a production be considered sustainable. Here’s how Max did it for True Detective: Night Country.
    Written by Lisa Y. Garibay
  • Producing & Protecting
    Veteran documentary producers talk about the critical importance of ensuring the safety of their films’ subjects — many of whom may be risking their lives to have their stories told.
    Written by Paula Bernstein
  • Heralding the Future
    Experts in emerging media discuss the Guild’s focus on innovation and the PGA Innovation Award.
Brief Takes
  • A Day in the Life: Like Planning a Party
    Kimberly Goodman hustles her way through long days to create reality entertainment that is as smart as it is fun.
    Intro by Whitney Friedlander
  • On the Mark: Erik Feig
    Erik Feig discusses how he and his team divvied duties to bring together the (very) feel-good Theater Camp, earning each of them the p.g.a. mark.
    Interview by Lisa Y. Garibay
  • In the Footsteps of Giants: Normalizing the Normal
    The George Sunga Award celebrates producers who create a more diverse and inclusive production landscape.
    Written by Robert Baker

You can also download the entire issue, which includes a spotlight on new members Polina Herman, Renier Elvir, Tabitha Bohannan, Nathan Edwards, Chloë Bellande, Rakeem Nelson, and Carmen Pepelea.