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Produced By Magazine March/April 2022

The Cover Story
  • All Systems Go for AGBO
    Anthony and Joe Russo and Mike Larocca’s production company is changing with the Hollywood landscape, serving inclusive, artist-first blockbuster projects with an indie spirit.
    Written by Dino-Ray Ramos / AGBO's custom photography by Kremer Johnson (@kremerjohnsonagain)
Featured Articles
  • Independent Variables
    Filmmakers Robert Salerno, Roxanne Taylor and Jonathan Wang talk about navigating the new independent film landscape in the 21st century.
    Interview by Dino-Ray Ramos
  • The Power of Post Production
    Megan Mascena Gaspar, Bianca Ahmadi and Jacob Mullen unpack their postproduction careers—from humble beginnings through the pandemic and beyond.
    Written by Sara Merican
Brief Takes

You can also download the entire issue, which includes a spotlight on new members Divya D’Souza, Javier Gonzalez-Rubio, Toni Kamau and Zach Zyskowski.